Globe Generator Generator

With this generator you can point (plot) at any specific position on Earth that means something for you and attach a message to it. Fun tool for Myspace, Facebook or any other profile or webpage. Follow these steps and you will easily get the Globe ready!

1. To creat a new point - type a description for it, choose color and press 'ADD DOT' button. Then drag created point to any position on the map you want to see it at on the Globe. Add as many points as you want - we don't limit you.

2. Specify colors for Map and Earth, size of the Globe, rotation Speed, shadow Intensity.

3. To copy the code press 'COPY HTML CODE' button. Enjoy your Globe :)

Important: You can change the background color of your globe to match the background color of your profile, unless it already is white. Just look for #ffffff in the globe code and replace it with the color used for background under "table table table" in your profile code.